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  • Job should be already created.
  • Student must be already registered for a job.


Placement Admin


Placement Admin » Placement Cell » Attendance

Terminology Used

  • Job Type - Job types are Training, Internship, Placement or Walk-In. You have to select for which job type you are looking for.
  • Department - Select the name of the department to which he or she belongs.
  • Registered - List of the students will be shown who have registered for the job.
  • Unregistered - List of students will be shown who have not registered for the company.

Inputs Needed

  • Job Type
  • Department
  • Schedule


  • Allow us to search for the company according the job type selected.
  • Mark the attendance for the registered students.
  • We can see the list of unregistered students.
  • If the student is eligible and has not registered for the company, we can register that student from the unregistered tab, just select the student's name form the list of student and click on the register button.

Step by Step