University, Stream Creation

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University & Stream Creation

For all the Programmes running under the trust, the following categories are classified

  1. Pre-primary and primary schools
  2. Secondary Schools
  3. Higher Secondary Schools
  4. Short term certification courses
  5. Diploma Programs
  6. Junior and Senior College
  7. Graduation Degrees
  8. PG Degrees
  9. PhD Degrees

For some of these programs, affiliating or universities are associated. For unregulated programs like certification programs, no such restriction is there.

For Diploma courses, bodies like AICTE regulate the quality and standards.

For all degree programs, either there should be a deemed university, a full fledged university or an affiliating university for regulations and award of degree.

This Utility of University and Stream creation establishes, regulatory body and/or university, and stream (also called faculty).

Examples of stream is Engineering Stream (also called as faculty of engineering), or Management stream (also called as faculty of management).

Step by Step

Add University Details

Univ - 1.png
Univ - 2.png

Add Stream/Faculty Details

Stream - 1.png