Working Hour for Full day and Half Day

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Working Hours for Full day and Half day

Working Hours for a employee can be configured. Full day hours and half day hours can be defined along with the flexibility for late coming or early going.


Leave Admin


Leave Admin >> Muster >> Muster Policy Configuration >> Working Hours

Terminologies Used

  • Muster : Generally, the term muster is used to refer individual attendance registers maintained at work sites. It also refers to the official role of persons.

Inputs Needed

  • Policy Name
  • Total Working Hours


1) Add Working Hours

  • Leave admin can configure working hours for all the employee.
  • Say full day can be defined of 9 hours mandatory working than, the half day working would be 4 hours for 4 an half hour.
  • Once working hours are defined in time and out time can be configured say working hours defined are 9 hours then in time for employees could be 9am or 10am and accordingly out time would be 6pm or 7pm.

2) Working Hour Configuration

  • Along with defining working hours for full day and half day other configurations are also doable.
  • Flexibility for late coming and early going can be defined for employee.
  • Number of missed punch request per month allowed can configured.

3) Change or Delete Working Hours

  • Existing working slots can be changed to new slots.
  • Working slots can also be deleted.
  • Functionality to enable Dual Day working.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Working Hours Configuration

  • Working Shifts

  • Change Working Shifts