Course File Content

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Course File Content

In the academic setup, a course file is essentially a set that includes all the necessary details regarding the batch, assessment, overall outcomes of the course etc.


  • Academic Admin
  • Faculty


  • Academic Admin : Functioning » Course File
  • Faculty : Academics » Academic Functions » Course Files

Inputs Needed

  • Planner (Personal and Departmental Planner).
  • Course Outline (Overview, Topics/Sub-topics, Evaluation Parameters and Faculty Session Allocation).
  • Course wise Students.
  • Course Outcomes (Direct Assessment, CO-PO Mapping, Direct Method PO Attainment, CO Attainment, Indirect Method PO Attainment and Overall Attainment Average).
  • Evaluation Statistics.
  • Session Plan.
  • Class Schedules.
  • Delivery Report.
  • Course Materials.
  • Evaluation Sheet (Evaluation Sheet (Internal Marks), Direct Course Outcome Report and Indirect Course Outcome Report).
  • New Evaluation Parameter with Weight ages.


  • Describing the Course details in terms of different parameters.
  • New Evaluation Parameters can be created based on weight ages.
  • Course File schema can be Replicated to other Programs and Batches.
  • Course File Schema can be deleted.
  • Report can be generated for Course File details.

Terminology Used

  • Planner : The Course File Planner gives Events and Activity details in the form of Personal Planner and Departmental Planner.
  • Course Outline : It is a brief summary of the topics covered in a particular course. Course outline includes course description, number, title, topics and course requirements. It is a document that outlines the structure of particular course.
  • Course Outcomes : It describe the learning that will take place across the curriculum through concise statements, made in specific and measurable terms, of what students will know and/or be able to do as the result of having successfully completed a course.
  • Delivery Report : It is the report of delivering the session which can be either planned or unplanned.
  • Course Material : These are the materials that can be used for course references. These can be in any format like image, excel, PDF etc. The uploaded course material can also be shared with the students of current batch.

Step by Step

Course File Contents are :

Course File contents.png