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Schedule Creation

Schedule creation can be done by defining dates and time for conduction of Quiz. There can be single schedule for all students or multiple schedules can be formed.

Depending on configuration made schedule functionality will work. In case of flexible time student can attempt quiz anytime between the defined time slot. In case of fixed time slot, student will have to start quiz at the start time of schedule, in case of delayed logins time of quiz will be reduced.

Here in this process along with schedule few more parameters can be configures

  1. Key Can be Configured
  2. Students can be associated to the schedule
  3. Exam browser restriction can be added
  4. IP restriction can be configured.




Faculty >> Shortcut >> Course File

Inputs Needed

Key selection- Random/Common.

In case of common key- Password

Safe exam browser selection & Hash key for safe browser.

IP restriction- 'From' and 'To' range of IPs

Schedule for test- Start & End Date, Start & End time.

Students selection for association

Terminology Used

Key - There will be a password (Apart from login password) to start quiz. This key can be fixed (Common for all students) or random (will vary student wise)

Random key- System will automatically generate keys for associated students. This functionality can be used where exam is strictly restricted at institute campus. In such case without getting individual's key applicant can not initiate test.

Common Key- Admin can configure key by their own and that common key will be shared with all the students. This functionality can be used in cases where permission for appearing for the test from outside institute premise is granted. So by using common shared key applicants can start their test.


Scheduling of time slot for Quiz

Association of students to the quiz

Restriction of quiz to 'Safe Exam Browser'

Restriction of quiz to particular range of IPs

Editing/Deleting formed schedule

Step by Step

Schedule Configuration
Quiz schedule1.png
Key Setting- Random/Common
Quiz schedule2.png
Excel file in case of Random Key
Quiz schedule3.png
Safe Exam browser & IP restriction settings
Quiz schedule4.png
Association of students with test
Quiz schedule5.png