Syllabus and Pattern Creation

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Creating Syllabus and Pattern Creation

Syllabus and pattern creation allows an user to define the content for an course that is being taught. A group of topics to be covered for an course to complete the program. Syllabus pattern can be decided either by governing body or by institute in case of autonomy. There can be common syllabus pattern for multiple batches or there can be different syllabus pattern for different batches.

For example: For 4 year Engineering program ,2016 pattern can run across batches 2016-2020, 2017-2021, 2018-2022 and so on. There can be cases where, if syllabus changes new pattern gets released which may be 2017 and which will be effective from 2019-2023.


Exam Admin


Exam Admin >> Configuration >> University Configuration >> Syllabus and Subject


Academic Admin >> Configuration >> Syllabus Configuration >> Syllabus


Head Admin >> Organization >> Department Configuration >> Program Configuration


Head Admin >> Organization >> Department Configuration >> Syllabus Details

Input Needed

  • University Name
  • Stream
  • Qualification


1) Syllabus Pattern Creation

  • Syllabus pattern can be defined bu giving an name, from year and to year.
  • Syllabus marking system, results type, etc can be defined.
  • Option to print the created syllabus copy .

2) Replicate Syllabus

  • Replicate syllabus allows an user to replicate the syllabus from previous year.
  • Option is feasible in case the upcoming year has same syllabus as the previous one.

3) Semester Credits

  • Allows an user to define credits required for courses for particular semester.
  • Semester wise credit count can be given for entire syllabus.

4) Grading schema configuration

  • Passing standard schema could be pointer or percentage.
  • For pointer system schema range of percentage cane be defined on which Grade, SGPA, CGPA pointers can be calculated.
  • Similarly for percentage system schema range of percentages can be defined so that defined grades can be calculated.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Add Syllabus Pattern
Syllabus and Pattern Creation1.png

Syllabus and Pattern Creation2.png

  • Grading Schema Configuration Percentage System
Syllabus and Pattern Creation4.png

  • Formula Configuration for Pointer System
Syllabus and Pattern Creation8.png

  • Grading Schema Configuration Pointer System
Syllabus and Pattern Creation5.png