Payment of FEES

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Payment of Fees

Student may raise request for document like Bonafide certificate, Transfer certificate, etc. Institutes may apply certain fees on documents,the fees applied shall be collected by student at the time of document handover. Student in this case get an payment option from their login to make online payment or can pay in cash to concerned department. Receipt copy will be visible to student with all the details and student can even print the same.


Student Login


Student Login >> Personal >> Document Request to Office

Inputs Needed

  • Office Document Payment


1) Make Payment

  • Once the document requisition is approved by an authority student gets an option for payment that is applicable for document if any.
  • Student can pay either either online or cash depending upon the payment mode selected.

2) Payment Receipt

  • Student has to check the acceptance invoice check box option to confirm and proceed with payment.
  • Payment details shall reflect and student can click on receipt to get the print copy for same.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Student Dashboard Fees Option
Doc Fees.png

  • Document Payment Option

  • Document Payment Receipt