Post Final Placement Result

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Post Final Placement Result

The functionality provided for capturing the student placement status.


Placement Admin


Placement Admin » Final Placement » Post Placement Result

Inputs Needed

  • Placement Cycle
  • Company / job Post
  • Company Name
  • Expected Joining Date
  • CTC
  • Work Location
  • Profile Job Type


  • Able to mark the student as placed.
  • Able to save the details that student is placed internally or externally.
  • Able to provide the details of joining date, job profile and job type etc.
  • Able to view the list of students.

Step by Step

  • Post Final Placement Result
Screenshot 2020-06-01 Post Placement Result(1).png
  • Mark student placed internally
Screenshot 2020-06-01 Post Placement Result.png
  • Mark Student Placed Externally
Screenshot 2020-06-01 Post Placement Result(2).png