Inventory requisition and purchase

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purchase indent is an internal organizational request in the purchasing process to authorize the requisition of materials prior to initiating a purchase order.


Inventory Admin


Purchase Requisitions » Inventory Requisition and Purchase


  • Inventory admin can create the Indent for purchase of inventory item
  • In indent admin can add drafted item directly from the list available in draft.
  • New product can be created from the admin on same UI.
  • Admin can view the Indent Status (Accepted / Rejected­)

Screen Shots / Steps

Inventory Requisition and Purchase

  • In process indent will be shown in In-Process Indent tab.

Create New Indent

  • To create indent first select the base product from the drop down and click on create new indent button.
  • To Add product in the indent search the product name in searchable textbox and select the product from the list.
  • Enter order Quantity and manufacturing company name for all selected product.
  • Enter expected delivery date and save the indent.
Indent 1.png

Drafted Item

  • For purchase indent user have the provision to add product in the draft on Inventory Transaction UI.
  • Already drafted product can be added in the purchase indent.
  • To add drafted products click on add product from draft button.
  • Select the product which needs to be added in purchase indent and click on add button.
Drafted Items.png

Add new Product

  • If any product is not configured in the system then user can directly add product from the same screen instead of going back to the Configuration » Product Add/Search/Edit.
  • To add new product in to the system click on Add new product button.
  • Fill all the required details and click on save button.
Base product from purchase indent.png

Rejected Indent

  • To check the rejected Indent list click on Rejected Indent tab.
Rejected Indent.png
  • To check the reason of rejection and indent details click on the indent hyperlink.
Indent 123.png