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Service Book

Service Book is a legal document, a register where the details of the employee are involved. It is the record of the employee. The details of the employee includes application to the post, details of educational qualifications, experience if any, family details, leave details , service details like post, grade, leave, salary, appraisals, promotions, memo's etc.

When an employee is appointed the service book needs to be created and is maintained until the Retirement/Relieving of the employee. All details from appointment until Full and Final settlement is reflected in the service book. Service book of an Employee is maintained by the department from where the Salary of the employee is generated.


Roster of a department or an Institute is a Register where the employee requirement details are maintained. It primarily includes the following details

  • No of post types
  • No of posts
  • Cadre Divisions
  • Category and reservation details
  • Details of Regular, Adhoc and Contractual employees occupying posts
  • Details of Vacancies

Roster also includes the following

  • Employees who are appointed in other departments but are associated in the department for some administrative of academic work.
  • Visiting Faculties.

Nature of appointment

Offers of employment and appointment or contract documents. They can be Contractual, Permanent, Adhoc, Temporary.

Post Type

Post types are categories of posts for example

  • Teaching
  • Non-Teaching
  • Contractual
  • Committee Member
  • Visiting etc.


Posts are various positions against post types. For example

  • Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Teaching Assistance against Teaching Post type
  • Librarian, Accountant, Security-in-charge, MIS Coordinator etc. against Non-Teaching Post type
  • Governing Body member against Committee

Pay Band and Grade Pay

Pay Band is the range of compensation to an employee. Grade pays are slabs for lower limit of basic salary, unit increment and upper limit of basic salary.

Each employee is appointed in one of the Pay Band. Accordingly his Salary calculations and increments are computed.

Pay commission defines grade type for changing salary structure. Apart from basic , employee gets special allowances depending upon the category/class of employees.

Teaching category employees get Academic grade pay(AGP) and non-teaching employees get grade pay (GP)

Basic Pay

Salaries and allowances are calculated on the basis of one's “Basic” pay. Basic = Pay in Pay Band + Grade Pay. The Grade Pay is fixed as per employee's rank.


It is an individual Employees Attendance Register.

It is a tabulated register of all working days and shifts, against which each employee punches his in-time and out-time. All type of exceptions in the form of Leave, Office Duty, Presence on holiday, LWP are marked in the Muster.

Muster is used as a basis of Salary Calculation.


Specific activities or obligations for which employee are held accountable. JUNO Campus functionality is based on Roles.

One role can be assigned to many employees and one employee can be assigned many roles.


Designation is the official name of the post on which a person is appointed. Designation and Role are different. A person can be a Professor (post) designated as Dean - Academics (designation).

He can be given the roles of academic admin and research admin.