Colloquium Submission by Student

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Submission of Colloquium by Student

The colloquium is where the registered candidate of doctoral study programmes present their ongoing research carried out within the framework of their Ph.d Thesis.Colloquium submitted by candidate will be sent to the respective competent authority (Guide, HOD, Thesis dept and referee) and/or Dean of Faculty for evaluate and approve.

  • The candidate who has nearly completed his research work shall present a colloquium based on the work carried out, with consent from the guiding teacher/s.
  • The colloquium will be arranged by the Department concerned with a suitable notice and will be open to all.The suggestions received during the colloquium should be suitably incorporated in the draft thesis under the advice of the guide.




Student » Academic Functions » Home Paper/Seminar/Project


  • Student should be in a running batch (semester).
  • Student should be mapped with faculty and Research Project.
  • Colloquium parameter configuration should be done and shared with students from academic admin.

Terminologies Used

  • Guide : Guide shall mean a member of the academic staff of the University/Constituent Unit, who guide/supervise the research work of the candidate.
  • HOD : Head of the Department
  • Dean : The head of a university faculty or department.
  • Referee : A referee is someone who has been given the responsibility of evaluating the suitability of thesis and the candidate for the award of PG and Ph.d.
  • Venue : Venue means Room(Class,Conference,Auditorium) or Infrastructure where candidate Colloquium will be arranged.

Inputs Needed

  • Venue
  • Colloquium date
  • Thesis Tittle
  • Abstract of Research Project


  1. Candidate will be able to request to arrange his Colloquium from his login.
  2. Candidate will be able check approval & progress of evaluation of Colloquium of various Competent authorities configured.
  3. Candidate will be able to resubmit Colloquium online if rejected or in case of any recommendation given by Guide or other authorities.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps

Path : Academic Functions » Home Paper/Seminar/Project

1) Research Project Subject

Student submission.png

2) Colloquium Request

Colloquium 1.png
Colloquium 11.png
Collo by stud.png
Colloquium Submission by Student.png