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A formal notice or announcement to everyone for whom the event is conducted.


  • Event Admin


Event Admin >> Events >> Event Scheduling >> Click on Event >> Notice/Announcement

Inputs Needed

  • Selected Event



  • A Notice or Announcement can be sent for event.
  • An formal invite can be sent to all the Employee or Participants.
  • Option to to upload attachments, send Email or SMS for same.
  • Announcement history tab shall display the notice/announcement sent till date for particular event.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Select Event
Notice -Announcement1.png

  • Add Notice/Announcement
Notice -Announcement 2.png

  • Select Participants to send notice
Notice -Announcement 44.png

  • Select Employee to send notice
Notice -Announcement5.png

  • Announcement History
Notice -Announcement55.png