Organization Level Security Settings

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Organization Level Security Settings helps to secure the passwords and other login related security at a organization level. Through this level the system allows to secure the settings user defined. There are 3 different configurations which the system provides:

  1. Reset password after specific days.
  2. User Authentication Configuration.
  3. User Login Authentication Configuration.
    Org Admin Login.jpg

Reset password after specific days

This can be used to enable password expiry policy in the organizations where users will be forced to change their password after X days. This allows the user to reset his / her account password after the specified days are completed. As a best practice and with reference to the account security it is highly recommended to the organizations to implement this functionality in the organization so as to secure the user accounts. Many a times the users have the tendency to save there passwords. However this allows anyone to access the account without the knowledge of the real user. Hence to overcome this we have this functionality embedded into our system.

Org Reset Password.png

Enable Strong Password

If the check box against Enable strong password has been selected then the system will force users to set a strong password with the a character length of 8 to 20 characters,with at-least one Uppercase, one lowercase, one special symbol and one numeric digit.

Strong Password.png

User Login Authentication Configuration

Captcha Required after X failed login attempts:

System will force users for a image capcha challenge to proceed with login after X failed logins. Though this functionality is been disabled by default, it can be defined as per the organizations requirement.

Temp User account blocking after X failed attempts:

 System will temporarily block user account after X failed logins. Default failed attempts is 99 however it can be defined manually.

Max Session Limit Per User:

Through this the system will limit parallel user sessions. By default system allows unlimited session which is -1. If set to X, system will not allow more than the defined sessions across all devices/platforms/browsers.