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Update Meeting Details

Allow us to update the details of the created meeting.


Head Admin


Head Admin » Organization » Governance » Institute Governance

Terminology Used

  • Any Committee - Committee is a group of members. Each member of the committee has some particular duties assigned.
  • Committee Name - Enter the name of the committee.
  • Formation Date - Enter the date on which the committee is formed.
  • Meeting Dates - Meeting conduction dates.
  • Committee Objective - Enter for which purpose committee is formed.

Inputs Needed


  • Committee Name
  • Committee Formation Date
  • Meeting Frequency
  • Meeting Dates
  • Committees Objective
  • Annual Category
  • Type of flow


  • Able to update the Committee Name, committee formation date, meeting dates, meeting frequency, etc.

Step by Step

  • Update Committee Meeting
Update committtee.png